Antonio Gutierrez

Antonio Gutierrez, Chef-Partner
Chef Antonio Gutierrez was born and raised in Mexico City. His early culinary influences come from his parents, both of whom loved to cook. His father introduced him to the coastal specialties of Veracruz with their Spanish influence. His mother, originally from Michoacán, taught him how to work with masa, butcher and prepare fresh meats, and to craft the mole and salsa recipes passed down through generations.

Chef Antonio has been involved in the Chicago food scene for roughly 25 years. He has a passion for fresh, local ingredients and naturally-raised meats. For those who claim not to like corn tortillas, he can’t wait for you to try Authentico’s homemade corn tortillas made from fresh masa; there’s simply no comparison. Chef Antonio is thrilled for the opportunity to share with our guests the exciting variety of fresh flavors from his homeland.

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